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Books and Movies - The Wall Jumper(Peter Schneider Michael...

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MARRIAGE OF MARIA BRAUN (Fassbinder): Hermann (Husband), Black Guy (Mr. Bill), Rich Guy (Oswalt) The Reed (Plenzdorf): Woman (Martha), Kurt (Visitor) KARTHARINA BLUM (Böll):Woman (Katharina), Deserter (Götten), Employers (Blornas), Reporter (Tötges) Sufferings of Young W (Plezdorf): Main Character (Edgar), Woman (Charlie), Woman’s Husband (Dieter), Zaremba (Super Socialist) Men (Dorris Dorrie): Stefan, Julius/Daniel (Husband), Paula
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Unformatted text preview: The Wall Jumper (Peter Schneider): Michael Berg, Hanna The Reader (Berhard Schlink): The Lives of Others (Florian Henkel von Donnersmark): Wiesler (Good Stasi Guy), Dreymann (The Writer), Krista-Maria (Actress). Goodbye Lenin (Wolfgang Becker): Christiane Kerner (Mom), Ariane (Sister), Alex (Son), Laura (Nurse), Stasiland...
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