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Final review sheet Final Exam Review Sheet: ANTH 171 (1) Videos a. Life of Mammals • What are the different New World monkeys? - Aotus (Night or Owl Monkeys): Feed at night on nectar-rich flowers to avoid competition with other monkeys. - Capuchins: Very early monkeys, large brain allows investigation of everything, Color vision, beat clams on trees in order to open them, semi-prehensile tails. - Howlers: Eat leaves and flowers in the canopy. Have color vision. - Marmosets and Tamarins: Practice polyandry, males care for infants, share alarm calls with each other. - Pygmy Marmoset: Can use small branches of trees to capture normally unreachable insects. Use stereoscopic vision to locate and capture insects. Also feed on gums by gnawing on trees and opening old wounds. - Sakis: Have strong teeth for cracking nuts - Spider monkeys: Have fully prehensile tails - Uakaris (red-faced monkey): Eat nuts and seeds and have strong jaws and teeth for cracking. Color vision which is important in fruit selection. Which monkeys fed on clams and what does this demonstrate Capuchins Why is a prehensile tail important and which monkeys have it? Howler Monkeys and Spider Monkeys have prehensile tails that are important in holding and manipulating objects. Having a prehensile tail also aids these arboreal creatures in finding and eating food in the trees. • What is special about tamarins and marmosets? Marmosets and Tamarins practice polyandry, which is refers to females having more than one male as a sexual partner; this is relatively unusual in the primate world. Male Marmosets and Tamarins also assist with parental care. Which primates have color vision and why is this important? Howlers have color vision that allows them to avoid leaves that are red and loaded with poisons. Capuchins have also have excellent color vision Uakaris also have color vision which is important in fruit selection • Which monkeys have especially loud calls, what is the significance of it? Howlers have especially loud calls that allow these monkeys to verbally, rather than physically, defend their territory. Since Howlers are folivores, or leaf-eaters, they typically don’t have a lot of energy to chase off intruders. It’s significant because it strengthens the group bond.
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• What are the different Old World monkeys and tell me something about each: Black and White Colobus : Eat leaves, roar loudly, Mangabeys: Crack seeds. Guenons: Macaques: Class system with high and low ranking families, high ranking female has right to take food from cheek pouches of low ranking females, dominance is inherited from mother, Baboons: Have larger brains since it is a near requirement for living in larger groups, dominance, there is dominance among males for access to females, females have sexual swellings when fertile, friendly association between male and female important in female choice of mates. Gelada:
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Final review sheet - Final review sheet Final Exam Review...

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