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1 Name ________________________ ANTH 171 – Winter 2004 Lab 4: The Skull, Teeth and Diet Objectives: 1) Gain a basic understanding of the anatomy of the skull and the role it plays in primate adaptation and evolution 2) Learn some important features that characterize prosimians and anthropoids, platyrrhines and catarrhines, and old world monkeys and hominoids 3) Obtain a general understanding of teeth and how they vary between different groups of primates 4) Learn how diet is linked to anatomy and morphology Presented below is a brief overview of what you will learn today in your laboratory section about the primate skull, teeth and diet. I. Skull The primate skull is distinguished primarily by features related to the evolutionary trends seen in the Order Primates. These include: a) Larger and more forward facing eye orbits that are surrounded by bony ring (visual acuity) b) Reduction of nasal region (reduction in smell) c) Increase in the neurocranium – braincase (gradual enlargement of the brain) d) Change in position/placement of foramen magnum (various degrees of upright trunk positions –from a posterior orientation to a more anterior or centrally located alignment facing downward) e) Reduction of jaw and number of teeth (increased use of forelimbs for prehension and procuring food) II. Teeth Primates have heterodont dentition (teeth are shaped differently from front to back). They include: (1) incisors – cutting teeth usually with a straight edge, (2) canines – piercing structures with a single pointed cusp, (3)
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Lab%204%20skull,teeth,diet - Name _ 2004 Lab 4: The Skull,...

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