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Life of Mammals DVD - Notes

Life of Mammals DVD - Notes - Notes from(species names...

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Notes from: (species names underlined are ones to remember) Life of Mammals: the social climbers – only monkeys – no prosimians (lemurs) or apes Pay special attention to for each species: Group size and complexity (how many males per female and females per male) Male and female mating and social strategies When sex occurs and with whom Who cares for infants MONKEY Species names used: New World monkeys Capuchins (Central and South American monkeys with clams, rubbing with Piper leaves as insect repelling sap and antiseptic, knowledge spreads as group tradition): several males, several females, importance of learning Uakaris – red bare face, and Saki white face (S. American monkeys) – face color = social status, able to eat unripe fruit. Saki: has special teeth for cracking nuts. Spider monkey has prehensile tail for reaching peripherals of trees. Pygmy marmoset so small it can get to edges of trees – note claws and see with forward eyes to pounce on insects. Also eat sap and gums from same tree so that wounds / lumps are made on trees.
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