Review%20Sheet%20for%20Midterm%20II - Review Sheet for...

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Unformatted text preview: Review Sheet for Midterm II: Below is a review sheet that covers lecture and labs from the 1 st midterm to Wednesday, Nov. 1. In addition, you are responsible for the readings. As stated in the syllabus, the midterm questions will be based on assigned readings, lectures, and material covered in lab sections (including films). This study guide is intended to help focus your studying, however, it is not all encompassing. Lecture 7: Habitats • define biome, what determines a biome • what type of biome are primates found in • define the tropics • how many wet seasons are there near 23.5 N/S and near the equator • define physiognomy • describe the tropics in terms of rainfall, temperature, food production, productivity, decay • define forest structure • what are the five layers discussed in class • what are the different forest types and how does rainfall come into play • define continuous canopy, discontinuous • what is primary forest, secondary forest • what type of locomotor behavior would you predict to see in each layer of the forest • describe where fruits would be located when taking into account size, what about insects Lecture 8: Fossils and Primate Evolutionary History • who/what is Purgatorius • define the different epochs • who/what are the Plesiadapids • who are Cartmill, Sussman and Crompton and what were they arguing • when do the first true primates appear, who were they, what types of features did they have, where were they found • where is the best fossil record found • how did primates get to the New World • define sexual dimorphism...
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  • Spring '09
  • FrancisWhite
  • Sexual Selection, reproductive success, Primate Evolutionary History, Primate Foods, locomotion interrelated define

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Review%20Sheet%20for%20Midterm%20II - Review Sheet for...

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