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Additional Study Questions - STUDY GUIDE F07 Additional...

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STUDY GUIDE F07 Additional Study Questions 1. What is alloparenting? What is cooperative breeding? Alloparenting occurs when individuals other than the actual parents act in a parental role. Cooperative Breeding occurs when individuals, also known as “helpers,” assist in the care and rearing of another’s young rather than producing offspring of their own. 2. How do the runaway selection hypothesis and the handicap principle explain the evolution of exaggerated traits in males? The basic idea surrounding runaway selection is that female preference and the male trait evolve together because the same genes control them. It begins when females evolve a preference for a particular male characteristic that is typically believed to increase fitness. The handicap principle states that females prefer a male with a trait that reduces his chances of survival but announces his superior genetic quality precisely because he has managed to survive despite his “handicap.” 3. What are the 3 methods used to study human behavior from an evolutionary psychology perspective? Study ancestors Study closely related primates Conduct cross-cultural studies 4. What kinds of human behaviors are studied in this way? Altruistic Behavior -Individual selection/Mutualism -Reciprocal altruism -Kin Selection Cooperative Behavior - Hunting and Breeding Aggression/Identification with small groups
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5. What are some differences in mate selection between males and females in humans? Females -More often chose older men with greater resources. Also found males who interacted with children to be attractive. Males -Typically choose younger (presumably more fertile) women. 6.
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Additional Study Questions - STUDY GUIDE F07 Additional...

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