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BI 132 Terms and Notes (Week 1)

BI 132 Terms and Notes (Week 1) - Week 1 BI 132 Terms and...

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Week 1 BI 132 – Terms and Notes Fitness : An animal’s capacity to survive and reproduce. Reciprocal altruism : Altruism in which an individual helps a relative with the expectation that the helped individual will return aid to the helper in the near distant future. ( Individuals take turns standing guard .) Sociobiology , also known as behavioral ecology : Is the study of the ecological and evolutionary basis for animal behavior , and the roles of behavior in enabling an animal to adapt to its environment (both intrinsic and extrinsic). Behavioral ecology emerged from ethology after Niko Tinbergen (a seminal figure in the study of animal behavior), outlined the four causes of behavior. Phylogeny : The evolutionary history of a species. Consummatory act : Behavior of an animal that is not at rest or “doing nothing.” Fixed action Pattern (FAP) : Is a motor response that may be initiated by some environmental stimulus but may continue to completion without the influence of external stimuli. ( Responses to a specific
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