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Lecture Outline 5 - learning

Lecture Outline 5 - learning - Lecture Outline 5 Learning...

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Lecture Outline 5: Learning Adaptation -characteristic that confers higher fitness; a trait maintained as a result of natural selection Testing For Adaptiveness: Why might black-headed gull parents remove eggshells from the nest? Tinbergen and Black-headed Gulls Non-adaptive Behaviors 0. Not all behavior observed is necessarily an adaptation 1. Some appear neutral or even mal-adaptive. 2. How do we explain their maintenance in a population? Maintenance of non-adaptive behaviors May be due to: 1. Genes inherited together a. Pleiotropy b. Gene linkage 2. Different environmental conditions, time-lag Evolutionary Stable Strategies Strategy that cannot be easily displaced Mixed ESS: alternate strategies 3. “Success” depends on what others are doing 4. Game theory Rock-Paper-Scissors
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0. Lizard mating strategies 1. Male defends many females so 2. Sneaker males invade population so 3. Male defends one female so number of sneakers falls so 1. Males defend many females Optimality 5.
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