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Project Proposal (Instructions) - Project Proposal I It is...

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Project Proposal I . It is our hope that in observing the animals around you, you will wonder about why they are behaving in certain ways. Good observations lead to questions. Choose a question of interest and propose a tentative answer- your hypothesis. You will submit your ideas as a project proposal. Then, through further observation or experimentation, you will gather information that will help you to accept (for the present), reject, or revise your hypothesis. You will keep a careful record of your data and write up your paper. 1. It will be easier to formulate meaningful questions and hypotheses if you know something about the animal (and topic) you are researching. Look up the animal of interest. Spend some time observing the animals to see what kinds of data you could gather. Generate ideas for your project proposal and write up a rough draft. Due in section Week 3. 2. Make sure that you can follow through on your proposal by collecting initial data on your subject. If you cannot follow through on your initial proposal, you have the opportunity to modify your proposal. Turn in to your section instructors an updated written proposal with initial data on Week 5. II
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Project Proposal (Instructions) - Project Proposal I It is...

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