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Written Document Analysis Worksheet

Written Document Analysis Worksheet - (2(page 99 on 1850...

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EDFD 221: Written Document Analysis Worksheet (Adapted from the National Archives and Records Administration, Washington D.C.) Your Name: Syed Ahmed_____________________________________________ Class and Section number: EDFD 221-04 Date: October 12, 2009 1- TYPE OF DOCUMENT: (Newspaper, Advertisement, Letter, Congressional Record, Press Release, Memorandum, Report, Curricular Guide, Research Article, etc.) Research Article written essay___________________________ 2- DATE (S) OF DOCUMENT:_ 1968 _______________________________________________ 3- AUTHOR/S (OR CREATOR/S) OF THE DOCUMENT: __ Katz.M ___________________________________________________________ 4. FOR WHAT AUDIENCE/S WAS THE DOCUMENT WRITTEN? ________This document is written for students in colleges to understand Urban Education in Boston area around 19 th century. 5. List two things in the document that you think are important (include page number for each one). (1)_(page 98) ,Salaries were very important for school teachers.
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Unformatted text preview: (2)_(page 99), on 1850, there were no special instructor for students but on 1876, school system introduced special instructor. One instructor is missing is physical education teacher. It is very important for kids now days 6. List one thing the document tells you about education in the United States at the time it was produced (include page number for each one). (page 96),first superintendent appointed 1851, but now on 21th century school system they have 1 superintendent on each town. 7. List one thing you find in the document relevant for contemporary educational issues. (page 97), seems like they had 11 types of school and its an issue that everyone should get treated equally in education wise. 8. Write a question that has been left unanswered by the document. What is the different between late 19 th century school system and now? Explain and include page numbers to support your answer....
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Written Document Analysis Worksheet - (2(page 99 on 1850...

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