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Instructions for Downloading and Using Pspice (F2007) Go to http://www.electronics-lab.com/downloads/schematic/013/ At bottom of page, download PSPICE 9.1 student version. Save the file to a convenient directory. Click on this file and unzip its contents to a convenient folder (I used the same one) I also recommend that you click on “Download documentation for the PSpice 9.1 Student Version (13MB, PDF).” and “PSPICE.PDF - Pspice User’s Guide”. Run the Setup.exe file. Now you are ready to go. To run a basic circuit simulation: Create a circuit file with a .cir extension using a text editor like Notepad. I have a sample listed below ( Parenthetical comments MUST be left out. They were put in to help you understand ). Save that file in a location where you can find it. Then go to Start/Programs and open up PSPICE AD Student. Now open the .cir file you saved. After opening, go to the heading “Simulation” and click “run”. A window should briefly open up and then it will be finished. If both an AC and a transient analysis have been chosen in the .cir file (the example below is like that), then
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