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Page 1 of 8 ECS 40, Fall 2008 Prof. Chang-Hasnain Test #3 Version A 10:10 am – 11:00 am, Wednesday December 3, 2008 Total Time Allotted: 50 minutes Total Points: 100 1. This is a closed book exam. However, you are allowed to bring 3 pages (8.5” x 11”), double-sided notes. 2. No electronic devices, i.e. calculators, cell phones, computers, etc. 3. SHOW all the steps on the exam. Answers without steps will be given only a small percentage of credits. Partial credits will be given if you have proper steps but no final answers. 4. Remember to put down units. Points will be taken off for missed unit. Last (Family) Name:_____________________________________________________ First Name: ____________________________________________________________ Student ID: ___________________________ Discussion Session: ________________ Signature: _____________________________________________________________ Score: Problem 1 (40 pts) Problem 2 (20 pts) Problem 3 (30 pts) Problem 4 (10 pts) Total
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