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ipv4-multicast - IPV4 MULTICAST Layer 2 Addressing...

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IP V 4 M ULTICAST packetlife.net Layer 2 Addressing Bits 1-24 Multicast OUI of 01-00-5E Bit 25 Always set to zero Bits 26-48 Carried over from lower 23 bits of IP address Terminology Reverse Path Forwarding (RPF) · Verifies that multicast traffic travels in the reverse direction of unicast traffic, away from the tree root Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) · End hosts issue IGMP requests to local routers to join multicast groups Cisco Group Management Protocol (CGMP) · A proprietary protocol used by switches to obtain multicast membership information for end hosts IGMP Configuration IGMP Support Router(config-if)# ip igmp [version {1|2|3}] IGMP Snooping Switch(config)# ip igmp snooping Protocol Independent Multicast Dense Mode · The initial tree encompasses all multicast routers; after a period of time, routers without IGMP members prune back branches Sparse Mode · The tree is grown from a central rendevous point out to the multicast source and recipients Sparse-Dense Mode
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