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tcpdump - TCPDUMP Command Line Options-A Print frame...

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TCPDUMP packetlife.net Command Line Options -A Print frame payload in ASCII -q Quick output -c <count> Exit after capturing count packets -r <file> Read packets from file -D List available interfaces -s <len> Capture up to len bytes per packet -e Print link-level headers in the capture dump -S Print absolute TCP sequence numbers -F <file> Use file as the filter expression -t Don't print timestamps -G <n> Rotate the dump file every n seconds -v[v[v]] Print more verbose output -i <iface> Specifies the capture interface -w <file> Write captured packets to file -K Don't verify TCP checksums -x Print frame payload in hex -L List data link types for the interface -X Print frame payload in hex and ASCII -n Don't convert addresses to names -y <type> Specify the data link type -p Don't capture in promiscuous mode -Z <user> Drop privileges from root to user Capture Filter Primitives [src|dst] host <host> Matches a host as the IP source, destination, or either ether [src|dst] host <ehost>
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