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THE AUTHENTIC SPOOK ___________________ by Paul McGinnis / [email protected], March 1994 As a private researcher in the area of excessive military secrecy, some people say that I must be a spy (or "intelligence analyst" to use a government term). I do my research by poring through obscure military documents. Since people think I'm a spy, here are some things I've learned as a spook. * It's not glamorous and exciting -- it's definitely not James Bond. Instead of drinking champagne with beautiful women saying, "Oh James! I can't find the words", the real life spook will probably be drinking coffee from a vending machine and hearing beautiful women tell him, "You are such a geek!" * It won't be easy to find out anything of value. For example, getting to and climbing the desert hills surrounding Groom Lake is much more difficult than going to Disneyland. Unless you are willing to put the time in (like I do poring over documents), the effort, and possibly the expense (such as travel costs, document costs, etc.), you won't find much. If it was as easy as going to the mall to buy military secrets, more Americans would try to find out what their government does in secret. In other words, I don't think you'll see Waldenbooks selling classified documents any time soon. * The military will put a lot of effort into protecting its secrets. You can expect to see lies and deliberate deception (which the Russians call "maskirovka") from the military. Because of this, you will make mistakes in your search for secrets. For example, I was led to believe that the airstrip at Bicycle Dry Lake, on Ft. Irwin, in California's Mojave desert was used for secret purposes. There were several reasons for this, such as its remote location, the lack of media coverage of the facility, and a former Air Force intelligence officer who told me fanciful stories
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authentic_spook - THE AUTHENTIC SPOOK _ by Paul McGinnis /

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