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>From THE SPOTLIGHT May 10, 1993 NEWS BLACKOUT BY US PRESS Cowardice of Media Obvious Who's afraid of the Bilderbergers? You decide. By Lawrence Wilmot New York City--Mainstream news organizations boastful about their no-holds barred investigative exploits, have been strangely reluctant to lift the blackout curtain hiding a major event: the Bilderberg group's secret annual meeting for the world's most powerful financiers, industrialists, and political figures. At the United Nations where 50 or more journalists gather for even a routine conference, there was ironic laughter in the press room when this populist newspaper's diplomatic correspondent raised a question about the silence surrounding this conspiratorial conclave. "The Bilderbergers have been removed from our assignment list years ago by executive order," said Anthony Holder, a former UN correspondent for the [London] Economist, the leading international business weekly. "Our policy seems to be that if the Bilderbergers want to parley in private, leave them alone," added Holder, now a reporter for the 'European'. The reason why this imperious assembly should be granted the sort of secrecy for its deliberations the mass media would never accord to any government--not even to Europe's reigning royalty--was, in the consensus of UN correspondents, simple: "The Bilderbergers are too powerful and omnipresent to be exposed," as French broadcaster Thierry de Segonzac put it. SIMILAR VIEWS On Wall Street, experienced American economic analysts voiced similar views. Says Michael Thomas, the patrician Wall Street investment banker who has won wide acclaim as an author and as the Reagan-Bush era's most incisive commentator: "If the Bilderbergers seem more publicity shy than ever, that is, among other reasons, because their proposals, implemented by subservient agencies such as the IMF [International Monetary Fund], have caused more mass devastation in recent years than World War II ever did." Commercial news organizations have become more interested in managing their own corporate debt and occasionally even sharing a financial coup with successful speculators than in exposing the seamy realty of manipulated markets, Thomas suggested. There is, moreover, concern among the megabankers and corporate magnates that the worldwide tide of frenzied speculation "may end up eroding the power of even such established economic elites as the Bilderbergers themselves," Thomas, known among financial columnists as "the last truth teller," told a Sun Radio news correspondent.
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For the present, however, the extraordinary influence wielded by the Bilderberg elite is apparent even in the reluctance of some leading journalists to discuss it. "We are barely aware of the [Bilderbergers'] existence, and we don't
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bilderbergers - >From THE SPOTLIGHT May 10, 1993 NEWS...

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