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book_list_1 - The Conspiracy Book List v1.1 I just happen...

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The Conspiracy Book List v1.1 I just happen to have the makings of such a list residing on my hard drive. I cleaned it up, and here it is. This list is a skeleton. Currently it is in alphabetical order by last name of author. I'll also make it available in order by title, in order by subject then title, and by subject then title and short description. I'll add in information about year first published, & number of pages. (Publisher may or may not be so useful to put in; many books are published by many publishers in their lifetime and current publishers are easy to look up.) Comments about useful fields to put in are solicited. Thanks to Jim Burnes, Steve Crocker, and Al Wesolowsky who mailed me lists of more books to put in. Special thanks to Jim Burnes for letting me add his review of a book to the end of the list. (Which I thought might be a good feature to add.) And thanks to all the people on alt.conspiracy who have posted names of books in the past. A Proposal for a Rating System I'm unwilling to stamp any particular persons rating on these books. However, I have a useful proindividual rating system I am willing to implement if the conspiracy newsgroups get a sponsor for an FTP site where this list, posted articles, excerpts, summaries of conspiracies, papers, reviews, the JFK Database as proposed by Mark Prado, etc., can be placed. I'll create an ASCII data file. Anyone that wants to submit their ratings of books from this list can do so, up to an absolute maximum of 676 people. Each reviewer will have a lowercase twolevel key assigned to their name. Each book will have a possible rating of 09. This allows one to find reviewers with similar tastes, for instance by finding a reviewer that rates some books the same as you yourself would, and then looking to see what other books he rates highly that you haven't read. And it also allows you to ignore reviews from people whom you don't agree with. For example, say Harin Boltz is consistently obnoxious in your opinion. It is easy, then, to ignore his rantings of books if you wish, while others who may want Harin Boltz ratings on books can easily find them. The idea behind the design of this ASCII file is for it to be easily usable by anyone with the ability to find text strings in a file. All other text that may be put in the file will be uppercase ASCII. FAQ? This could also be considered as becoming a FAQ for the conspiracy newsgroups. "Frequently Authored Questions."
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Please mail me your books, comments, reviews, money, etc. Books in alphabetical order by author. Unholy Trinity: the Vatican, the Nazis, and Soviet intelligence Mark Aarons [NAZI] None Dare Call it Conspiracy Gary Allen [COM] Puzzle Palace: (National Security Agency) James Bamford [MISC] Coverup: the politics of Pearl Harbor, 19411946 Bruce R. Bartlett [MISC] The Plot to Kill the President George Robert Blackey & Richard Billings [JFK] Silent Coup: the removal of Richard Nixon Len Colodny and Robert Gettlin [WaGa] The Quiet Campaign to Rewrite the Constitution Leon Davidson [MISC]
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