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EXTREME BOOKS CATALOG FALL 1993 All books listed are currently in stock, and you can expect your order within six weeks even if we should suddenly run out of an item. Generally, orders are filled within 24 hours of receiving them! / We can also fulfill special orders, including searches for rare or out-of-print books. These can take some time, of course, but we enjoy the hunt and promise reasonable prices where the item in question is reasonably priced to us. To initiate a search, ask questions about books in our catalog, find out more about our on-line bookstore, etc., feel free to call us at (503) 249-8090. About prices: we will offer quantity discounts on large orders of $100 or thereabouts. Call and ask for details if you are about to drop serious money Q weUd be glad to oblige. Please be sure to include postage (see order form for amount) with all orders. You can send us E-mail via the Internet at [email protected] or [email protected], and even automatically receive the latest update of our electronic catalog by sending a message to [email protected] RE/SEARCH BOOKS Angry Women / (RE/Search #13) / $18.99 Essays from, and interviews with, the likes of Karen Finley. Angry young post- and neo-feminist stuff. The Atrocity Exhibition J.G. Ballard / $13.99 A gorgeously-illustrated, annotated reissue of one of science fictionUs strangest classics. First edition hardback was pulped by request of the publisher. The Confessions of Wanda Sacher-Masoch Wanda Sacher-Masoch $13.99 The true story of the wife of the man who gave a name to Rmasochism.S Freaks: We Who Are Not as Others Daniel P. Mannix $13.99 Pictures, interviews and more about fascinating human oddities. Great book! However, when it was first published it was pulled from bookstore shelves after just a month. Incredibly Strange Films / (RE/Search #10) $17.99 From RNude on the MoonS to RPlan 9,S including Heror every psychotronic film fan. Incredibly Strange Music, Vol. 1 (RE/Search #14) $16.99 RE/SearchUs latest, a look at some of the weirdest music ever made. Industrial Culture Handbook (RE/Search #6/7) $13.99 Seminal stuff. Industrial music, aesthetics and thought in one beautifully designed package. J.G. Ballard / (RE/Search #8/9) $14.99 An entire volume with interviews, bibliography etc. about the great SF writer. Modern Primitives (RE/Search #12) $17.99 Must be seen to be believed. Piercing, tattooing, cutting, binding and other interesting ways people modify their bodies. Lots of pix, fascinating interviews. Pranks! / (RE/Search #11) $14.99 Some of these people came up with much better pranks than you could. Downright inspirational.
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William S. Burroughs, Brion Gysin, Throbbing Gristle (RE/Search #4/5) $12.99 From the granddaddies of dark literary experimentation to the 1980s industrial group. FERAL HOUSE PRESS
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book_list_3 - EXTREME BOOKS CATALOG FALL 1993 All books...

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