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Unformatted text preview: RARE OCCULT BOOK REPRINTS From: Kessinger Publishing, P. O. Box 160, Kila, MT 59920 (406) 756-0167 fax (406) 257-5051 Write for a free catalog of over 400 titles on: Alchemy * Ancient Wisdom * Astronomy * Baconian * Eastern Thought * Egyptology * Esoteric * Freemasonry * Gnosticism * Hermetic * Kabalah * Metaphysical * Mystery Schools * Mystical * Mythology * Occult * Philosophy * Psychology * Pyramids * Religions * Rosicrucian * Science * Spiritual * Symbolism * Tarot * Theosophy * and many more! BOOKS ON FREEMASONRY ALLSOPP, FRED W., Albert Pike A Biography, Pike is the best loved of all Freemasons. Learn what made him the remarkable man he was. Contents: Struggle for an Education; First Adventure in the West; Exciting Experiences; Returning North; He Reaches Fort Smith; His Removal to Little Rock; His Marriage; Enters Upon Practice of Law; Unofficial Public Services; War With Mexico; Duel With Colonel Roane; Pike's Scholarship; Published and Unpublished Works; Confederate Service; Order for His Arrest; Becoming a Recluse; His Masonic Career; His Plea for Fraternalism; Reply to Pope Leo XIII; Wake of the Fine Arkansas Gentleman; Some Personal Characteristics; Close of an Eventful Life. 370 pages, ISBN 1-56459-134-4 ANONYMOUS, Jachin and Boaz, An authentic key to the door of Freemasonry calculated not only for the instruction of every new-made Mason but also for the information of all who intend to become brethren as practiced in 1762. Essential for the Masonic student and scholar. This book gives the verbatim degree work of that time. 60 pages, ISBN 1-56459-246-4 ANONYMOUS, Rituals of the Fratres Lucis, The 'Brothers of Light'-also known as the Ritters des Licht, or 'Knights of Light'-was supposed to be a Masonic Rosicrucian splinter of the Order of the Rosy Cross, but authentic information concerning it is difficult to obtain. This book includes the rituals of Knight Novice of the Third year, Knight Novice of the Fifth Year, Knight Novice of the Seventh Year, Knight Levite and Knight Priest, as well as an introductory chapter on the order from A.E. Waite's Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross which comments on its many Hermetic characteristics. 46 pages, ISBN 1-56459-363-0 ANONYMOUS, Rituals of the Swedenborgian Rite of Masonry, "The Swedenborgian Rite was revived in the United States and Canada by Brother Samuel Beswick. It consists of three elaborate and beautiful ceremonies for which the Craft is required. A Supreme Grand Lodge and Temple for G[reat] B[ritain] & I[reland] was chartered by Brother Colonel W.J.B. McLeod Moore, 33*, &c., of the Canadian body, on 1st October, 1875, with Bro. John Yarker as G.M. A Charter has recently been issued by this country for a body in Paris, and previously to Roumania and Egypt" John Yarker, -'The Arcane Schools.' We learn from Liber LII, The Manifesto of the O.T.O. (Equinox III:I:197-198), that the Swedenborgian Rite was 16th in a list of 18 bodies which contributed its wisdom to this august order....
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book_list_4 - RARE OCCULT BOOK REPRINTS From: Kessinger...

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