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BeastNet e-mail: anonymous FTP: BeastNet is a loosely affiliated private coalition of sovereign citizens dedicated to fighting the Beast and its agents in all their manifestations. BeastNet is an electronic champion for free speech, civil liberties and Constitutional rights. BeastNet offers an open forum where information, opinion and speculation about the nature and activities of The Beast can be freely exchanged. BeastNet is privately funded by its members and receives no funding or other support of any kind from government or corporate sources. For more information on BeastNet or to join us in our battle against The Beast, contact BeastNet via e-mail at: or via anonymous ftp at: ========================================================================= In an effort to spread the word about what The Beast is up to, BeastNet offers this bibliography of books, articles and related materials. This list is an early draft, so look for later versions soon with expanded listings and a possible database format version. BeastNet makes no blanket claims in support of or against the accuracy or veracity of claims made in these publications. Specific claims are made as appropriate next to specific listings. If you have a favorite resource not listed in this bibliogrpahy, send complete information for the resource and a brief review to BeastNet at BeastNet Bilbiography *--Garbage. **--If you find some extra time. ***--A good read, borrow it from a friend. ****--Keep a look out for it in thrift stores. *****--A must for your library. BP--Biblical Prophecy CIA--Central Intelligence Agency CC--Communist Conspiracy CP--Published by a Christian Press JC--Jewish Conspiracy JFK--The John F. Kennedy Assassination N/F--Nazis/Facists NB--Nuclear Bombs OWG--One World Government UFO--Unidentified Flying Objects UN--United Nations ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- --Allen, Gary, None Dare Call It Conspiracy. 1972. ("NDCC is an admirable job of amassing information to prove that communism is socialism and socialism (a plot to enslave the world) is not a movement of the downtrodden but a scheme supported and directed by the wealthiest of people. (i.e. the Rockefellers)")
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--Gary Allen's name has popped up in connection with a number of other books written in the right-wing diatribe typical of communist conspiricists. The book, from what I can gather, was widely popular, going into a number of printings. It is interesting in that it places capitalist hegemonic forces (or the "Insiders") in concert with aims of the Bolsheviks, allegedly for the creation of a One World Government. The Rockefellers play a prominent role in the theories revealed in NDCC. [****--CC, OWG] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- --Beaty, John, The Iron Curtain Over America. 1951. ("Aggressively Christian and patriotic in his attitude, the author goes behind the iron curtain of
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book_list_5 - BeastNet e-mail:

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