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From: FIREWALKER Subject: Re: Re Black Boxes and Marble Memorials >An acquaintance who is involved with telecommunications recently told me >that the spooks have the ability to listen in ("two way interaction" is >the way he put it) through some kind of "black box" in our television >sets, via the cable hookups we invited into our homes. He went on to say >that a friend of his working through television repair school was advised >not to question the purpose of the black box in the set he was training >on. Furthermore, he said that several former college roomates now >specializing in telecommunications of various kinds WILL NOT allow the >cable into their homes for just that reason. Obviously, we are way past >George Orwell's wildest dreams as far as the spooktech goes, so my >question is not so much "can they?" but "do they?" Is the black box >already there, in my tv, do you suppose? Is the cable set up to carry >reverse signals, and if so, who controls the plug at the other end? I >just thought you might know something about these things. First off, I can confirm this as a non-rumor, but as fact. In fact, this has been the case for over a dozen years. The 'cable-ready' set has had this ability since the term 'cable-ready' came to be. I worked on a joint project, between the power company, the phone company (Southwestern Bell), and the cable-tv company, over eleven years ago. We discussed the 'security options' that were available AT THAT TIME. (this subject had nothing to do with the joint project, but was just something that we tossed around for the six months that we were together -- I made sure that the conversation came up from time to time) The electric company had a small unit that would fit into a standard two-plug wall box that was basically an FM transmitter. This sent a signal out over the power lines that could be picked up anywhere that another power line went. In fact, it was one of the 'renegades' in that effort that joined with Radio Shack and started what we now call 'nursery monitors' -- you know, the things that you plug into the power line that sends a signal to 'any other power plug in the house.' Well, mom and dad, it is also sending that signal to EVERY OTHER power plug on the ENTIRE SYSTEM. They also had a small fish-eye that replaced the middle screw in the plug, which could send out a visual signal, but because of it's size and the quality of the FM signal, it was limited to motion detection. These options were currently in use in some companies in the US, and was marketed as a security feature in certain countries, mostly in Europe. It could not be sold in the US, because if everyone knew the potential of this device, they would revolt. (this comment came from the power company man, showing me that they were already aware of this attitude, and so were keeping the possibility quite on purpose) They (the power companies main holding company) were, at that time, working on a small computer-like interface that went in your power-meter, that would allow
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cable_tv_snooping - From: FIREWALKER Subject: Re: Re Black...

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