cfr - Reprinted from SPOTLIGHT 22 OCT 90 by Michael Collins...

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Reprinted from SPOTLIGHT 22 OCT 90. by Michael Collins Piper. Who's behind the 'New World Order' which Pres George Bush and his Establishment allies have been promoting? First things first. Its not really a 'new' idea. The grand design for a new world order has been in the works for decades: It was the original premise upon which the ill fated League of Nations was conceived and, later the basis upon which the United Nations was established. Only now, however, as a result of the crisis in the Middle East, have those who have been scheming for a new world order begun to talk publicly of their ultimate aim: one world government. This is because it has taken them until now to see their globalist dream placed within their reach. A lot of key players in global affairs have been in the forefront of the drive for a new world order, but foremost among them are the members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). As early as 1974 the CFR launched its '1980's Project' which had as its aim 'nothing less than the creation of a new global political and economic system to replace the existing one'. That is, a new world order. This is the assessment of Professors Laurence H Shoup and William Minter, writing in their landmark study of the CFR, "Imperial study of the CFR and United States Foreign Policy". (Monthly Review Press, 1977). To understand how U.S. foreign policy is conducted, you have to understand the CFR. Some go so far as to say that the CFR is "Americas secret government". What is the CFR? Formally headquartered in New York, the CFR's membership constitutes a wide ranging array of powerful individuals (including members of the Rockefeller family) who operate in the Rockefeller sphere of influence. These include major figures in the media, academia and the corporate, legal and financial worlds. There is also a significant number of government officials (both elected and appointed) who serve as CFR members. According to author Ferdinand Lundberg, writing in THE ROCKEFELLER SYNDROME (Lyle Stuart, Inc 1975) "The people associated with the CFR include just about all who have a direct ownership stake in the external economic and financial instrumentalities that service the American market. "They know long before the average citizen does when these instrumentalities are being threatened or interfered with. The maintenance of peace, of course, is important. But there are times when one may have to fight for one's vital interests" As shown by this quote, the CFR plays a major role in deciding whether America goes to war. Today, as the United States stands on the brink of catastrophe in the Middle East, it is members of the CFR who are deciding when and if America should go to war. A chart, not included in this report, shows that the key policy making positions in the Bush administration (particularly in the realm of foreign policy) are occupied by CFR members. The CFR publishes the quarterly journal FOREIGN AFFAIRS, and conducts regular
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cfr - Reprinted from SPOTLIGHT 22 OCT 90 by Michael Collins...

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