clinton - A-albionic Research was one of the first to...

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A-albionic Research was one of the first to predict Bill Clinton is a Georgetown Jesuit-Vatican-SMOM agent, not a Oxford-Anglophile. The current conflict between Clinton and the British over Ireland, Bosnia, and, now, Germany proves they were right! As being reported by LaRouche and others, the British are leading the anti-Clinton press campaign. What LaRouche won't tell you is that the American press is comparatively silent only for fear of Clinton's powerful Vatican-Rockefeller backers. Of course, most of the charges against Clinton are true, contrary to LaRouche! The Clintons are immoral, self-indulgent, statist YUPPIES! Apparently, judging from the antics of Jay Rockefeller, the Rockefellers wrote and want the Clinton Health Care plan very badly so their Corporations can renounce their health care comittments to retirees. The following article from the Fall 1992 Project, Vol IX, No 3 is not copyrighted. However, please keep the publisher's address attached: A-albionic Research, PO Box 20273, Ferndale, MI 48220. Who Is Bill Clinton? *********************** As a teen-ager, I heard John Kennedy's summons to citizenship. And then, as a student at Georgetown, I heard that call clarified by a professor I had named Carroll Quigley, who said America was the greatest country in the history of the world because our people have always believed in two great ideas: first, that tomorrow can be better than today and, second, that each of us has a personal, moral responsibility to make it so. ************************ By this time, most readers will have heard of Bill Clinton's amazing statement (above) which was part of his acceptance speech. Ruling class/conspiracy theorists cannot but suspect a "secret message" to covert forces, in spite of Clinton's "time at Oxford" as a Rhodes Scholar (he did not graduate), proclaiming the Presidential candidate's ultimate loyalty to the Vatican-Jesuit forces of Georgetown University as opposed to Anglophile, Judeo-Masonic Skull and Bones roots of his opponent George
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clinton - A-albionic Research was one of the first to...

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