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Unformatted text preview: UWaterloo CS115 Midterm_2 2009 Winter 2009 Oda_Eagle Production CS115/116/125/134/135/136/241/240/341/343 Tutor [email protected] The following notes are relevant for all questions: • We use the term “Scheme” as a short form for “Beginning Student Scheme with List Abbreviations” • Unless we ask specifically for another part of the design recipe, the instructions “Create a Scheme function” means that you are to give the definition only. • Helper functions may be used anywhere you feel it appropriate • We use arithmetic functions as well as following built-in functions, described briefly here for your reference: ◦ max determines the largest of two or more numbers ◦ min determines the smallest of two or more numbers ◦ sqrt determines the positive square root of a number ◦ string-length determines the length of a string ◦ string-append combines two or more strings into a single string, in the order given ◦ check-expect determines if two values are exactly the same, and is to be used for tests when they are requested ◦ ( make-posn x y ) produces a posn structure with field value x and y ◦ (posn-x p ) and ( posn-y p ) produce the first and second fields of a posn p ◦ ( substring s p1 p2 ) produces a string containing the characters from a from postion p1 through p2 -1 招收 CS 大三課程以下学生有意者(具體請見詳表) + [email protected] CELL: 519-729-1582 已经教过 100+的学生 ◦ 经验丰富,童叟无欺,价格...
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