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Assignment Format for MATH 135 and MATH 137 Mathematics is a language of precision – a “no loop-holes” form of communication. An essential part of your mathematics education here at UW thus involves learning how to “write mathematics” in a clear and concise manner, which both promotes and conveys your understanding of the ideas that you are trying to communicate. This further benefits you by making your work easier to mark, resulting in more meaningful and helpful (and often more generous!) feedback. To that end, when writing solutions for your Assignments in MATH 135 and MATH 137, use a header on your first page as shown to the right. There is no need to have a separate cover page – please save a tree! In acknowledging those from whom you received help, include TAs, classmates, and anyone else with whom you discussed the problems. A good rule of thumb is to never write up your final solutions with someone else; that way, what you write will be distinctively yours. MATH 13_, Assignment #__
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