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Eagle Diao, CS115/116/135/136/2**/3** Private Tutor, contact at 519-497-0989 odaeagle@hotmail.com CS115 Midterm 1 Review V. Fall2009 ( Module 1-2 ) Eagle Diao All Right Reserved, 2009 Oda_Eagle Production For Tutor information, contact at 519-497-0989 Introduce Scheme: Scheme is a functional computer programming language, keep in mind that everything in
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Unformatted text preview: Scheme is a function. Basic Syntax and Semantics: How to define a function? Common error? Tracing, how to compute like a computer? Design Recipe: Contract: Purpose: Example: Test: Documentation: Types in Scheme: Number: String: Helper Functions: Why and When we need them?...
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