asst1 - MATH 137 Assignment 1 Due: 11 a.m., Friday,...

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MATH 137 Assignment 1 Due: 11 a.m. , Friday, September 25 Your assignments come in two parts. The first part is a selection of problems from the textbook that are recommended for you to solve, but are not to be handed in. Solutions to most of the recommended problems are in your Students’ Solutions Manual, but it would defeat the purpose if you peeked at the solutions before making an honest attempt to solve the problem on your own. The second part consists of numbered problems for you to hand in. Questions such as those to be handed in, as well as those that are recommended, will appear on exams. To avoid loss of your assignment, be sure to place it in the drop box corresponding to the class section in which you are registered. To help us sort your assignments and keep accurate records, make sure your name and I.D. number at the top of the page are clearly written, and underline your last name. To facilitate the marking of your assignment, submit your solutions in the same order as they appear herein. Feel free to copy and use the assignment templates that appear on UW-ACE. You will get the most benefit from the assignments if you attempt them on your own. While it is okay to get help if you are stuck, you are expected to acknowl- edge, at the top of your assignment, the individuals who helped you. However, any outright copying of assignments, in whole or in part, is an act of cheating, and it will be reported. Your solutions must have legible handwriting, and must be presented in clear,
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asst1 - MATH 137 Assignment 1 Due: 11 a.m., Friday,...

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