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CheckPoint: Conservation and Preservation The term "conservation" refers to steps taken to prevent damage to material that has not yet happened, while the term "preservation" refers to the steps taken to repair damages that have already occurred. Some archival institutions group them together and consider aspects conservation or preservation rather than splitting hairs. In addition, many conservationists do the work of preservationists and vice versa. These 2 terms share the same philosophies, the same ideas, and even the same methods and tools, but the main difference is preventing something from occurring vs. repairing what has already occurred.
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Unformatted text preview: In my opinion, I think that humans should not harvest any forest; especially the national forests and they should be left in their natural state because our evolving population is beginning to exceed earth’s capacity for individual sustainability. The Bridger Teton video shows people camping on the land that has been untouched, cooking in the outdoors, look for mile after mile and see nothing but beauty in all the nature that surrounds one. This is why humans should not harvest any forest; history shows that once we begin to dig into the natural resources that are available, it tends to have a negative impact on the planet as well as humans....
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