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Exercise: Week Two Concept Check Due Date: Day 5 [ Individual forum] Post your 50-word response to the following: How do you know when an equation has infinitely many solutions? How do you know when an equation has no solution? An equation has an infinite number of solutions when both sides of the equal sign are exactly the same. For example: 5 + 3x = 3x + 5. Any substitute for “x” will make this equation true. An equation that has no solution will ever be true. For example: 3 + x = 7 + x. No real
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Unformatted text preview: number could ever make this equation true. This chart from your text (pg. 101) answers these questions: Resulting Equation Number of Solutions Solution X= a , where a is a real number One The number is a. A true equation such as 3=3, -11=-11, or 0=0 Infinite Every real number is a solution. A false equation such as 3=8, -4=5, or 0=-5 Zero There are no solutions. Bittinger M. & Beecher J. (2007). Introductory and intermediate algebra . New Jersey. Pearson Education....
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