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I D R L + - V DD V IN V OUT Q 1 R sig ECE 3150 Homework 9 Due 4/17/2009 in the drop box 1. (Design of cascode differential amplifier) (a) Sketch the circuit diagram of an active-load MOS differential amplifier where the input transistors are cascoded, and a cascode current mirror is used for the active load. (8 pts) (b) If all of your NMOS transistors are operated at an overdrive voltage of V OV and all NMOS and PMOS transistors have the same early voltage of | V A |, derive the gain expression as: A d = 2(V A / V OV ) 2 . Evaluate the gain for V OV =0.25V and V A =20V. (8 pts) 2. (BJT and MOS circuit expo) To compare the CMOS and BJT versions of circuits, draw the circuit schematics in both styles with their corresponding active loads. The main small-signal gain transistor needs to be in both types of transistors, i.e., in NMOS/PMOS and then in NPN/PNP. Each question should contain 4 circuits. This is not a difficult exercise, just a lot of circuit drawing. (a)
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