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hw1008 - You need to find the proper expression for the...

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Classical Electrodynamics Physics 6561 Homework 10. Due: In class on Tuesday, 11/18 0. Reading assignment Read the parts of chapter 7 in Jackson we did not have time to cover in class: 7.5.E, 7.6, 7.7. 1. Reflection and refraction through multiple layers (a) Problem 7.2 from Jackson (b) Problem 7.3 from Jackson 2. Total internal reflection Show, that there is no energy transmitted into the material during total internal reflection.
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Unformatted text preview: You need to find the proper expression for the first formula on page 308 of Jackson by breaking up the waves into components in and orthogonal to the plane of incidence. 3. General n ( ω ) index of refraction in 1D Problem 7.20 from Jackson. 4. Frequency dependent ² ( ω ) in real space-time Problem 7.21 from Jackson....
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