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Unformatted text preview: Classical Electrodynamics Physics 6561 Homework 12. Officially due: In class on Tuesday, 12/2 Due to the Thanksgiving holiday we will accept homeworks without the need for additional explanation until Friday, 12/5 at 2pm. There will be an envelope on the board next to my door for you to drop it off. 1. Radiation from an oscillating charge a. Problem 14.4a from Jackson on page 699 b. Problem 14.12 from Jackson on pages 701-702. 2. Radiation during collision a. Problem 14.5 from Jackson on page 699 b. Problem 14.6 from Jackson on pages 699-700. 3. Radiation from circular motion a. Problem 14.4b from Jackson on page 699 b. Problem 14.15 from Jackson on page 702 ...
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