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Demand s promises to pay notes a written promise by a

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Unformatted text preview: t of the holder). demand s Promises to Pay – Notes – a written promise by a maker (issuer) to pay a payee. pay – Certificates of Deposit – a specialized form of note that is given by a bank or thrift association. note Draft Draft Two years from date pay to the order of Perry Payee $50,000 Fifty Thousand . . . Dollars St. Louis, Missouri May 1, 1996 To: DEBRA DRAWEE 50 Main St. Louisville, Kentucky (Signed) Donald Drawer DONALD DRAWER Check Check Matthew Charles 123 Anystreet Rd. Anytown, NC 21234 No. Feb.1 2000 $500.00 DOLLARS 12-28 710 Pay to the order of Five Hundred and no/100 Lilli­Marie Justin Rams Trust and Savings Bank Chicago, Illinois i HARRIS BANK Matthew Charles 123|||456|||7|: |:071000281|: Note Note $10,000 Albany, N.Y. April 7, 1998 Six months from date I promise to pay to the order of Pat Payee ten thousand dollars (signed) Matthew Maker Certificate of Deposit Certificate NEGOTIABLE CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT The Mountain Bank Mountain, N.Y. No. 13900 June 1, 1998 THIS CERTIFIES THAT THERE HAS BEEN DEPOSITED with the undersigned the sum of...
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