3 the collateral will be kept at the debtors address

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Unformatted text preview: or household purposes, and the Debtor’s residence is that shown at the beginning of this Agreement. 3. The Collateral will be kept at the Debtor’s address shown at the beginning of this Agreement. 4. There are no financing statements covering any of the Collateral on file in any public office, and the Debtor has not executed in favor of other secured parties financing statements that could be placed on file prior to any of the S.P.’s financing statements Sample Security Agreement (cont.) (cont.) 5. DEBTOR AGREES THAT: A. He will pay to S.P. all amounts due on the note or notes mentioned above and the other Obligations secured hereby as and when same shall be due and payable, whether by maturity, acceleration, or otherwise, and will pay to S.P. reasonable attorney’s fees incurred by S.P. in collection of said Obligations or enforcement of this Security Agreement. B. He will maintain all mechanical equipment and machinery hereby covered in sound and efficient operating condition, including the procurement and installation of such new parts, attachments,...
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