Money that is transferable by delivery with any

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Unformatted text preview: ny other writing that evidences a right to payment of money that is transferable by delivery with any necessary indorsement delivery Documents – documents of title documents Investment Property – investment security (stocks and bonds), security accounts, commodity contracts, and commodity accounts accounts Intangibles Intangibles s s s s Account – right to payment for (1) goods sold, leased, licensed, or otherwise disposed of or (2) services rendered. of General Intangibles – catch-all category; software, goodwill, literary rights, interests in patents, trademarks, and copyrights. patents, Proceeds – whatever is received upon sale, lease, license, exchange, or other disposition of collateral. of Deposit Accounts – a demand, savings, time, or similar account maintained with a bank. bank. Attachment Attachment s s s Definition – security interest that is enforceable against the debtor. enforceable Value – consideration under contract law, a binding commitment to extend credit, or an antecedent debt. antecedent Debtor's Rights in Collateral – a debtor is deemed to have rights in personal property deemed the debtor owns, possesses, is in the proce...
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