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Organization of the cell (4) notes

Organization of the cell (4) notes - 1 The cell theory(Cell...

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1) The cell theory (Cell theory and relation to the evolution of life) a. Cell theory is the theory that says that cells are the basic living units of organization and function in all organisms and that all cells come from other cells. b. A study of shared cell characteristics helps us trace different organisms and gives us evidence that all organisms alive today had a common origin. 2) Cell organization and size (Relationship between cell organization and homeostasis, Explain the relationship between cell size and homeostasis) a. Homeostasis is an appropriate internal environment and the organization of cells and their small size allow them to maintain homeostasis. b. The plasma membrane surrounds all cells. It encloses the interior of the cell so that the chemical composition outside of the cell is different than inside. c. Plasma membrane serves as a barrier between the cell contents and the out environment. d. Organelles carry out metabolic activities, such as converting energy into usable forms, synthesizing needed compounds, and manufacturing structure necessary for functioning and reproduction.
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