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CS 3110 Lecture 10 Functors -- Parameterized Modules For the past few classes we have been considering abstraction and modular design, primarily through the use of the module mechanism in OCaml. We have seen that good design principles include writing clear specifications of interfaces, independent of the actual implementation. We have also seen that writing good documentation of the implementation is important. Today we will consider another means of abstraction called functors , that enable modules to be combined together by parameterizing a module in terms of other modules. Consider the set data abstraction that we have looked at during the past few classes: module type SETSIG = sig type 'a set val empty : 'a set val add : 'a -> 'a set -> 'a set val mem : 'a -> 'a set -> bool val rem : 'a -> 'a set -> 'a set val size: 'a set -> int val union: 'a set -> 'a set -> 'a set val inter: 'a set -> 'a set -> 'a set end While this interface uses polymorphism to enable sets with different types of elements to be created, any implementation of this signature needs to use the built-in = function in testing whether an element is a member of such a set. Thus we cannot for example have a set of strings where comparison of the elements is done in a case-insensitive manner, or a set of integers where elements are equal when their magnitudes are equal (i.e., their absolute values are equal). We could write two separate signatures, one for sets with string elements and one for sets with integer elements, and then in the implementation of each signgature use an appropriate comparison function. However this would yield a lot of nearly duplicated code, both in the signatures and in the implementation. Such nearly duplicated code is more work to write and maintain and more importantly is often a source of bugs when things are changed in one place and not another.
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lec10 - CS 3110 Lecture 10 Functors - Parameterized Modules...

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