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CS 3110 Lecture 13 Prelim 1 Review Main topics to focus on for the exam: 1. Evaluating OCaml expressions 2. Pattern matching, tuples, records and lists 3. Higher order functions and currying 4. Map and fold 5. Recursion and tail recursion 6. Substitution model 7. Modules and signature 8. Data abstraction, representation invariants and abstraction functions 9. Functional data structures: stacks, queues, dictionaries 10.Function ordered trees: binary search trees, red-black trees 11.Imperative data structures: disjoint set forest 12.Induction Work through problems, don't just read over your notes! There are lots of good problems with solutions in
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Unformatted text preview: the notes; write down some questions that are answered in the notes, put the notes away, try to answer the questions, check your answers. Ed's list of topics that should be on prelim1: 1. Basic understanding of how evaluation works 2. Substitution model 3. Induction question 4. Code that demonstrates understanding of recursion 5. Data structure with a mix of signature, implementation and specification (including RI and AF) 6. Higher order functions 7. Folding...
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