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Problem Set 1: An Introduction to OCaml Due 1/29/09 Instructions This problem set has three parts. You will write your solution to each part in a separate file: part1.txt,, and To get you started, we have provided a stub file for each part. You should download and edit these files. Once you have finished, submit your solution using CMS, linked from the course website. Three important notes about grading: 1. Compile errors: All programs that you submit must compile. Programs that do not compile will probably receive an automatic zero. If you are having trouble getting your assignment to compile, please visit consulting hours. If you run out of time, it is better to comment out the parts that do not compile and hand in a file that compiles, rather than handing in a more complete file that does not compile. 2. Missing functions: We will be using an automatic grading script, so it is crucial that you name your functions and order their arguments according to the problem set instructions, and that you place the functions in the correct files. Otherwise you may not receive credit for a function properly written. 3.
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ps1 - Problem Set 1 An Introduction to OCaml Due...

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