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Design Midterm Review - Spring 2009 System Design Midterm 1...

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Spring 2009 System Design Midterm 1 review The test consists of 18 essay or simple answer questions and 4 diagrams. 1.) Know the elements of good design from lecture 1 Correctness Reliability utility maintainability efficiency generality understandability modifiability 2. Know what CRC cards, what CRC means class-responsibility-collaboration cards Used to document responsibilities and collaborations capture the essential elements of a class 3. Know who provides IT services IBM leading IT service firm Help develop custom information systems for internal use Develop, host and run applications for clients Microsoft leading package software provider Packaged software is off-the-shelf software Range from general-purpose to narrow-niche focus unmodifiable or modifiable Accenture and CapGemini leading custom software producers 4. Know the different types of dialog diagrams, be able to describe them -I don’t know 5. Know the most important features of user interface design -Layout, content awareness, aesthetics, user experience, consistency, and minimal user effort. The navigation, input, and output mechanisms.
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6. What are the sources of software? IT Service Firms Packaged Software Providers Custom Software Producers Enterprise Solutions Software Open Source Software In-house Development 7. what are the types of feedback messages, be able to describe. Status information
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Design Midterm Review - Spring 2009 System Design Midterm 1...

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