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BioMI 2900 STUDY QUESTIONS # 6 - Lectures 15-17 9 Oct 2009 Part I--Factors Affecting Microbial Growth (Continued) 1. Radiation is one of the oldest and most damaging forces known to life. a) What does gamma radiation do to living cells ? (not just bacteria!) b) What are some advantages of using radiation to reduce bacterial growth in food? c) Why are some people opposed to the use of irradiation? d) How dies Deinococcus resist the affects of radiation? 2. Distinguish between the 4 classes of antimicrobial chemical agents (see PO Lecture 15 and BBOM 12e: Table 27.4, Fig.27.13, Fig. 27.18). 3. Outline the major mechanisms responsible for antibiotic resistance among pathogenic Bacteria (see BBOM 12e Sec. 27.12). PART II—MICROBIAL ECOLOGY 4. What were the main contributions of Winogradsky and Beijerinck to microbial ecology? (see BBOM 12e Sec. 1.9, 20.10, and 22.1) 5. For what are each of the following techniques used in microbial ecology? Nucleic acid-reactive fluorescent dyes Fluorescent antibodies (Fab) Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) using 16srRNA probes Green fluorescent protein 6. Describe the differences between a microbial population, a microbial community and a microbial guild. Give prokaryotic examples of each. 7. Much of what we know about the immense diversity of bacteria came from the pioneering work of early microbiologists who isolated bacteria from systems like the Winogradsky column. To make one, just fill a jar with mud and water, add filter paper and calcium sulfate , and let it go. Different organisms develop in layers within the column. a) Which microorganisms are primary producers in this ecosystem? (There are at least 4). b) Which bacteria are lithotrophs?
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F09.SQ06.Lect 15-17 - BioMI 2900 STUDY QUESTIONS # 6 -...

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