Bonding Study Guide One - HD 3620 - Human Bonding Professor...

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HD 3620 -- Human Bonding Professor Hazan Spring 2009 PRELIM ONE STUDY GUIDE The first prelim will be given in class on Tuesday, February 24 th , and you will have the entire period to work on it. It will cover lectures from January 22 nd through February 19 th , and corresponding assigned readings (see below for details). The exam will contain both multiple-choice and short essay questions, and count for 25% of your course grade. In general, the questions are designed to test understanding and integration more than simple memorization (see below for an example). Keep in mind that the graduate TAs are available to help during their weekly walk-in hours (see the syllabus for times and locations) and TakeNote is available on reserve at Mann and Uris libraries. Exam questions may be based on any of the lecture material but, for the readings, there are specific sections and issues you are advised to focus on. Questions drawn from the readings will address only the following: -------------------------------------------------------- The authors argue that the validity and usefulness of psychological science will be enhanced if theories and research take relationships into account. Be familiar with examples in the domains of social cognition and emotion. Bowlby: Be familiar with the history that led to the development of attachment theory, and the sections entitled “the child’s tie to his mother” (pp. 24-29) and “research” (pp. 36-38). Cassidy: Focus your review on the sections entitled “attachment in relation to other behavioral systems” (pp. 8-12) and “multiple attachments” (pp. 14-17). Feldman: What does the author mean by synchrony? What are its biological foundations (pp. 341-343), developmental outcomes and risk conditions (pp. 343-344)? Wright: How does the author explain the reaction of babies to sleeping alone? Hofer:
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Bonding Study Guide One - HD 3620 - Human Bonding Professor...

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