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HUN4446 cholecystisis

HUN4446 cholecystisis - post-op low fat diet 1 month ➢...

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cholecystitis: inflammation of gallbladder cholangitis: inflammation of bile ducts secondary biliary cirrhosis: cirrhosis pancreatitis Cholecystitis: symptoms: RUQ pain N/ V fever, chills, sweating malaise jaundice clay-colored stools dark colored urine treatment: NPO IV fluids analgesics antibiotic therapy cholecsytectomy
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Unformatted text preview: post-op: low fat diet 1 month ➢ Diagnosis: • ultrasound • CT scan (less sensitive; more expensive) • HIDA cholescintigraphy (diagnostic ambiguity) • cholecystogram • ERCP • blood tests (not diagnostic) • WBC • LFTs • pancreatic enzymes • serum bilirubin >3 g/dl suggestive of cholecdocholithiasis...
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