HUN4446 cholelithiasis

HUN4446 cholelithiasis - • inflammation of...

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relaxation of sphincter of Oddi Components and Functions of Bile: major components: bilirubin bile salts cholesterol phospholipids immunoglobulins functions: emulsification GI integrity primary excretory route of Cu and Mn Cholelithiasis: presence of 1 or more gallstones types of stones: cholesterol (most common) pigment (chronic hemolysis) mixed asymptomatic symptomatic: RUQ pain; may radiate sudden onset N/V symptoms usually resolve in 6 hrs symptoms generally occur Who's at risk? Overweight rapid weight loss surgery for obesity premenopausal women pregnant women increase estrogen = increase cholesterol Gallstone formation: excessive absorption of water from bile excessive absorption of bile acids from bile excessive cholesterol in bile
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Unformatted text preview: • inflammation of epithelium (cholecystitis) ➢ diet and gallstone formation: • conflicting data: mostly epidemiological studies in humans • potential contributors to gallstone formation • excess energy intake • type of fat • high refined CHO intake • high fiber diet may be protective ➢ nutrition factors: • maintain a healthy weight • avoid rapid weight loss • avoid long term fasting/starvation • vegetables, vegetable protein, vegetable fiber- evidence of protective effect • frequent nut consumption ➢ treatment for symptomatic cholelithiasis: • low fat diet before elective surgery • cholecystectomy • lithotripsy • litholysis • endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) ➢ complications...
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HUN4446 cholelithiasis - • inflammation of...

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