HUN4446 gallbladder dz

HUN4446 gallbladder dz - progressive wt loss despite...

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imaging and function tests: imaging: radiographs CT scan ERCP (endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography)-gold standard endoscopic ultrasonography-newer, used to compliment ERCP function tests OGTT (oral glucose tolerance tests) abnormal secretin-CCK (pancreozymin) abnormal bentiromide test OGTT if have pancreatitis effects of chronic pancreatitis maldigestion malabsorption diabetes nutritional management: adequate kcals and nutrients (increased) fat as tolerated; generally not restricted small, frequent meals modify for concurrent problems: blood sugar water miscible, fat soluble vitamin vitamin B12 supplement, antioxidants Mg, Zn, Ca supplement no alcohol  during active attacks: withhold intake/dietary restrictions for acute pancreatitis tube feeding/parenteral nutrition: potential indications for tube feeding: unable to eat due to persistent pain
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Unformatted text preview: progressive wt loss despite adequate medical (PERT) and nutritional therapy acute complications (fistula; acute flare up) potential indications for parenteral nutrition: small bowel dysfunction inability to obtain small bowel access tube feeding formula characteristics: peptide-based whey protein: enhance glutathione production antioxidant potential MCT (higher percentage of fat as MCT) medical management: pain relievers pancreatic enzyme replacement tx antacids H2 receptor blockers proton pump inhibitors Gallbladder Disease Structure: pear-shaped attached to under surface of liver hepatic ducts cystic duct common bile duct sphincter of Oddi Function: store and concentrate bile CCK-PZ stimulates bile secretion CCK-PZ causes:...
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HUN4446 gallbladder dz - progressive wt loss despite...

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