HUN4446 HE - serumelectrolytes severehyponatremia:...

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serum electrolytes severe hyponatremia: 500 to 750 ml/d + urinary losses monitoring diuretic therapy and fluid restriction: weight abdominal girth urinary Na BUN, creatinine, albumin, uric acid serum electrolytes other: consistency alcohol  feeding method depends on: GI function  pts ability/desire to eat conventional foods TF: functional GI tract  night feedings? pass/place tube? Appropriate formula PN: GI tract nonfunctional  intolerance to TF Hepatic Encephalopathy:  portal systemic encephalopathy associated with changes in: consciousness behavior neurologic status symptoms changes in judgment, personality, mood, sleep patterns unable to reproduce shapes sweet, musty or pungent breath asterixis clinical stages 1) Stage O : no signs of HE 2) Stage I:  mild confusion, decreased attention span, altered mentation
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This note was uploaded on 10/25/2009 for the course HUN 4446 taught by Professor Mathews during the Spring '09 term at University of Florida.

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HUN4446 HE - serumelectrolytes severehyponatremia:...

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