HUN4446 large intestine

HUN4446 large intestine - oxalatestoneformation

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oxalate stone formation increased GI peristalsis and motility wt loss diarrhea malabsorption muscle wasting dehydration electrolyte loss general nutrition guidelines: PN-initially for significant resection  early enteral feedings; progress slowly slow transition to a more normal intake  adjust to tolerance, consider extent and specific area resected permanent PN required for some pts medical/surgical management: medications to: reduce acid production: H2 blockers; proton pump inhibitors slow GI motility/transit: loperamide reduce GI secretions: clonidine increase water and Na adsorption/reduce diarrhea: octreotide (somatostain analog) enhance cell proliferation: IGF-1, growth hormone; glucagon-like ploypeptide II intestinal transplant Surgical removal/resection: Large Intestine indications: complicated diverticulitis chronic ulcerative colitis
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HUN4446 large intestine - oxalatestoneformation

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