HUN4446 liver 1 - • CHO Metabolism • glycogen synthesis...

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iver Blood Supply: portal vein: straight from GI tract 2/3 of liver blood supply very nutrient rich hepatic artery 1/3 of liver blood supply sinusoids (capillaries-oxygen exchange => central hepatic vein=> inferior vena cava General: essential for life 2 lobes hepatic ducts: bile drains from these Sphincter of Oddi: determines where bile goes Structure : hepatocytes: liver cells bile canaliculi Functions: blood volume regulation detoxification bile production metabolic functions Bile Emulsifying agent- decreases the surface tension and allows intestinal agitation to brak up fat  globules Absorption of fatty acids, monoglycerides, cholesterol and other lipids – micelle formation – soluble composed of: water, bile salts, bilirubin (waste product of hemoglobin breakdown), electrolytes Example of metabolic funtions
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Unformatted text preview: • CHO Metabolism: • glycogen synthesis and storage • glycogenolysis • monosaccharide conversion • conversion of AA reidues • Fat Metabolism: • formation of lipoproteins • fatty acid oxidation (occurs at high rate) • cholesterol and phospholipid synthesis • bile salt formation • conversion of CHO and protein to fat • Protein Metabolism: • deamination of AA • synthesis of plasma proteins • synthesis of prothrombin/clotting factors • urea formation • transamination • Other: • storage of vitamins • storage of minerals • blood coagulation ➢ Liver function tests (LFTs) • AST (SGOT) • ALT (SGPT) • Alkaline phosphatase • Gamma glutamyl transpeptidase (GGT) • Albumin • Total bilirubin (breakdown product of Hgb) • Indirect (unconjugated) • Direct (conjugated)...
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HUN4446 liver 1 - • CHO Metabolism • glycogen synthesis...

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