HUN4446 pancreatitis

HUN4446 pancreatitis - gallstones;biliary tract disease...

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increased synthesis of serotonin/DOPA 1) Increased Serum and Brain Neuroinhibitory substances GABA (gamma amino butyric acid)- neuroinhibitory peptide cerebral GABA receptors-increased density serum and brain neuroinhibition and coma nutritional management: medications neomycin-antibiotic lactulose-commonly used reduces ammonia absorbed in gut produces diarrhea inhibit aromatic absorption Pancreatic Disease structure elongated, flattened gland upper abdomen behind stomach 3 sections acinar cells islets of Langerhans function secrete digestive juices regulate blood glucose other hormonal functions pancreatic secretions hormonal and nervous regulation hormonal controls: secretin CCK pancreatitis inflammation of the pancreas types: acute and chronic 2 most common etiologies:
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Unformatted text preview: gallstones;biliary tract disease alcohol other causes: surgery/trauma cystic fibrosis certain mutations of CF gene (even without development of CF) other: hypertriglyceridemia penetrating duodenal ulcer some medications cancer viral infection acute pancreatitis proposed pathophysiology: primary acinar cell injury or damage to pancreas or blockage of sphincter of Oddi retention of pancreatic enzymes premature activation of pancreatic enzymes recruitment of inflammatory cells autodigestion of pancreas/blood vessels/tissue pseudocyst development symptoms/clinical findings: severe abdominal pain intensified by eating N/V, diarrhea (possibly steatorrhea) wegith loss 9...
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HUN4446 pancreatitis - gallstones;biliary tract disease...

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