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Unformatted text preview: What types of dietary interventions may be indicated for a patient with PUD? How do current day strategies compare to former concepts? Gastric Surgery Compare and contrast the anatomical/functional changes associated with vagotomy, pyloroplasty, total gastrectomy, gastroduodenostomy (Billroth I) and gastrojejunostomy (Billroth II). Describe the symptoms associated with early and late dumping syndrome and the proposed etiology of these symptoms. Describe the nutritional management recommended to reduce the chances of developing early and late dumping syndrome. Relate the potential complications of gastric surgery to the underlying changes in anatomy/function. Celiac Disease Describe celiac disease? What factors are thought to precipitate celiac disease? What is the underlying pathophysiology of celiac disease? Describe the role of prolamins from wheat, rye and barely in the disease process. What part of the gastrointestinal tract is affected? How does this disease and barely in the disease process....
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